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During the lockdown, Goose’s Quizzes set up a Patreon account to keep afloat via monthly donations from generous and loyal viewers of the livestreamed quizzes on Twitch, amongst many other kind supporters. However, now we are no longer reliant on this income stream, we have been reflecting on how best to utilise the financial support from our patrons.


We have also been considering how to support something close to all our hearts at GQHQ - our fundraising quizzes for charities. Over the years, we have run many quizzes in aid of good causes, which were previously funded by sales of merchandise in what we called the GQ-Ton project. Unfortunately, this funding method is no longer viable.


As such, we are excited to announce that we are solving the two challenges together by transforming our Patreon into the Goose’s Quizzes Fundraising Wing!


100% of our patrons’ monthly donations will be ring-fenced and put towards the outreach, promotional, equipment, writing, and hosting costs of our quizzes for charitable organisations, ensuring we do not have to charge them a penny, and therefore that all of the funds raised on the night benefit their cause. Simply put, each pledge ensures that we can help more charities raise more money through their quiz nights with us!


We will regularly update our patrons on how the money will be used, as well as on how much money is raised at each charity event it funds. Further, patrons will also get access to an exclusive list of benefits, which our supporters themselves will help us decide upon. 


As ever, it remains an honour to support the amazing work done by a wealth of amazing charitable organisations via putting on fundraiser quiz nights. Yet without your support and generosity, the next step simply would not be possible.


If you wish to support this venture, please visit our Patreon to sign up. If you have any further questions, or would like to organise a charity quiz with the Fundraising Wing, don’t hesitate to email


Thank you.

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