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Answers to some of our frequently asked questions


How much does the quiz cost to enter?
The quiz is
free to enter! No £1 coins, no rollovers- keep your money and your team can get some nibbles.

What rounds are there?
We keep the rounds as straightforward as possible: there’s always an entertainment round, always a music round and always a general knowledge round. Then outside of those we rotate between geography, science and nature, sports and games, art and literature, history and legends, food and drink and the odd cryptic round as well. 

How do we take part?
Book a table via the venue if you’re planning ahead and want the prime seating. Otherwise turn up on the night and join in! You will scan a QR code, which will either be handed out or from the host’s phone, then fill in your team’s details in a Google Form and then hey presto, you’re in! Submit after the 10th question in each round then sit back and wait for the answers. 

Can we join after the first round?
Sure thing! You can do one round. You can do the entire quiz. You can turn up late and still enjoy it. We want the quiz to be as accessible as possible to everyone so if you can’t stay for the whole thing that week, not a problem; take part for however long you can and we’ll see you back for the following week’s quiz!

What kind of prizes are there?
It will vary from venue to venue, but you’ll usually have a chance to win some vouchers and maybe a food based prize for the best team name too. 

Can we go to more than one quiz in a week?
Of course! The best thing to do will be to speak to the quiz host on the night and we’ll make sure the quiz is different to whatever venue you’d already been to. 

Could you run a quiz at a pub we like?
Yes we can! If you have a local that you think would be great for a quiz night, pass on our details and tell them to get in touch.

I think I’d be a good quiz host, can I get involved? 
We are constantly expanding and so are almost always looking for new staff- so if you’ve enjoyed a quiz and fancy yourself as a wannabe host, send a CV and a cover letter to and we’ll be in touch. 

Do you do private events? 
If you name a social event, we’ve probably run a quiz at it. Our private events can be tailored to any occasion, any crowd, and time of the year. If that sounds good to you then send an email to and we can take it from there.

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