Goose's Quizzes came into existence in 2013, when a certain Andrew Wildgoose (yes that's his real name) saw an opportunity to turn his popular once-a-week quiz at a single Edinburgh pub into a business.


Gradually adding in more quizzes at different venues, Goose eventually had to bring more quiz hosts on board. At present we have 14 hosts working on a weekly basis and over 40 weekly quizzes in different locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as providing a number of private and charity quizzes every month.


Throughout it all though, the key principle has been focusing on the enjoyment of those coming along to the quizzes. We try to make sure that every quiz we do is as engaging as possible for the teams taking part, while still maintaining the down-to-earth attitude that we have become known for. Nothing flashy, nothing over-the-top, just a damn good quiz night that teams can enjoy whether they finish first or last.