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Since its inception back in 2011 by Andrew “Goose” Wildgoose, a Masters student of Interaction Design at Edinburgh Napier University, Goose's Quizzes has become Scotland’s premier quiz company. 


Starting in just one venue, the business expanded exponentially to its current levels of 40+ regular quizzes per week across Edinburgh and Glasgow. This comes out to 2000+ hugely popular quizzes and 85,000+ participants annually, with both numbers consistently growing.


Alongside this, Goose’s Quizzes are an established name in the private and third sectors, running hundreds of social, corporate, and fundraising quizzes yearly. With a dynamic young team of 20+ hosts on their roster, and the ability to tailor each quiz’s style and content to the needs of huge businesses and small-scale charities alike, no event is too big or too small.

All of this represents an astonishing recovery from the pandemic, during which Goose’s Quizzes quickly pivoted to an online audience through streaming nightly quizzes on Twitch. Often with over 1000 participants per quiz, this creation of community in a difficult time for all garnered national attention in the press, as well as teams taking part from all over the world. It also earned Goose a British Empire Medal, as well as an invite to the coronation of King Charles III.


Goose’s Quizzes have also run two successful Fringe shows in 2019 and 2023, with their biggest run yet to come in 2024! Last year saw the premiere of the Elimination Game, their five-star reviewed, all-action game show named the #1 Show by Edinburgh Performers across the whole festival, and welcoming over 2200 happy participants. This summer promises to be even better, with a larger capacity, prime start time, and huge prizes on offer!

For any further questions or requests, please contact Events Manager Jack Titley via

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