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This is information for venues who are looking to run a regular Weekly Quiz. If you're a venue interested in a one-off event, please see here


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Teams book with your reservation system.

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Prior to the first quiz we’ll provide you with QR Codes printed onto tearproof card, the same style as some menus (200mmx200mm); the cards can be cleaned and reused every quiz. These will be distributed by the venue to tables on the night of the quiz.

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A Form with multiple correct answers

The QR Code will take teams to a Google form, in which they submit their answers for the quiz

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a cube with question marks on the three visible faces

The quiz will be 5 rounds, with 10 questions per round

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a winning team celebrates

Once the quiz is completed we can highlight the winning team for you to give the prize. QR Code cards are then collected back by the bar, cleaned and stored away for the following quiz.

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If you want to start a weekly quiz in your venue, or have any questions, get in touch at:

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