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On-Site Private and Corporate Quizzes Ti

These are our In-person quizzes, if you are looking for an Online quiz, please see here for more information. If you're a venue looking for a regular weekly quiz, get in touch here.





Show up for the fun!

After receiving your enquiry, we will listen to your requests and tailor the best quiz for your needs.

After listening to your requests, we will confirm the question types and round structure with you and give you a quotation.

We will issue an invoice to you for the quiz. Please kindly ensure the invoice is paid before the quiz.

On the day of the quiz, show up and have fun! Our hosts will take care of the rest.

An image showing the progression of the rounds with boxes numbered 1 - 4


The standard quiz structure is two hours, five rounds.

We can always tailor the length and rounds to your needs.

General Knowledge

Category Round

Category Round

Category Round

Between each round, the Host will mark answer sheets and then run through the answers with the teams.

For Category Rounds you can chose from the following:

Film & TV, Art & Literature, Sports & Games, Food & Drink, Science & Nature, History, Geography.

If you have something special in mind for the occasion, let us know ahead of time and we can customise something for you.

Category Round


Clip Art representing the Custom rounds avaliable; A camera, a radio, a box covered in questions marks

Picture Rounds - Guess the picture!

Music Rounds - Guess the music from the clip!

Cryptic Rounds - Themed riddles to test your lateral thinking!

Examples: Celebrities in Costume, Chocolates and Sweets, Horror Villains and Actors...

Examples: Name the Artist, Name the Title, Year of Release...

Examples: Cryptic book titles - Arrogance and Discrimination (Pride and Prejudice)...

...and more!

If you have something special in mind, let us know and we can help tailor the quiz for you.


If you want to book an event, or have any questions, get in touch using the form below.

Alternatively you can fill out the form by following this link.