Winners Gallery- November and December

'Quizmas time, mistletoe and wine!' It's the big dogs from the final 2 months of 2017!

Akva: Tuesday 8:30pm

Beer and Skittles: Monday 8pm

Black Bull: Thursday 7pm

The Caley Sample Room: Monday 8:30pm

Charwood: Thursday 8:30pm

The Compass: Wednesday 8pm

Drouthy Neebors: Sunday 8:30pm

Hanover Tap: Tuesday 7:30pm

Hemma: Tuesday 7:00pm

The Mayfield Bar: Tuesday 6:30pm

Lebowskis: Tuesday 9pm

McSorleys: Thursday 8pm

The Outhouse: Sunday 4pm

The Queens Arms: Sunday 8pm

The City Cafe: Thursday 9pm

The Fountain: Sunday 8pm

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