Meet the Hosts: Kirsty Paterson

The Host

Name Kirsty

Age 23

From Leith

The Job

When did you start? September last year I think

What is your favourite aspect of the job? The reactions to the answers of tough questions are always great. That and ALL THE DOGS

Favourite question? I like the questions that make people think of weird related facts or stories, so I had a guy at a quiz tell me about the lemmings he used to keep in his pocket while he went skiing because of a question once.

Best moment? Not one particular moment, but when you win over those people who ‘are just staying for one! And honestly we’re terrible at quizzes so we probably won’t take part!’ and then they stay for the whole quiz and go on to come 2nd or something, that always feels good.

Getting Personal​

Other jobs? I study SCULPTURE at an ART SCHOOL so I’m certifiably EDGY

Favourite TV show? Biiiiiiig fan of Bojack Horseman right now, it makes me feel things

Would you rather fight a horse-sized-duck or 100 duck-sized-horses? The horse-sized-duck. I feel like you could distract it with a big loaf. But the more balanced question is would you rather fight a horse-sized-rat or 100 rat-sized-horses, and then I’d take the horses but only just

Hidden talents? I played the oboe in high school and hated it. Why do they exist, they’re terrible instruments. Also used to lead ghost tours round Edinburgh so if you need someone to tell you about beheadings in a graveyard at night in the rain, I’m your gal.

Most famous person you’ve met? I’ve been on Balamory, so most of the cast. Used to have Edie McCredie’s signature m8

Favourite video game? Fallout 3 because war, war never changes.

Best gig? Honestly, Gary Numan. Downtown Boys was a close second.

Favourite team name? Ran a ‘things you could say both during sex and at a funeral’ team name theme and a group called themselves ‘Daddy’s gone stiff’. And on the more safe for work side of things a team name theme of creating your own chant for your team got a response of ‘When I say Fibonacci you say Oi!, Oi!, Oi Oi!, Oi Oi Oi!....’ etc

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