Mega Themed Quiz: IASIP


Off the bat, a massive thank you to all the teams that came along for our third Mega Themed Quiz! This one was slightly different than the previous two, with Goose handing over the duties to Louis, Scott and Kirsty who ran the entire night.

We split the night into the usual format; a regular 5 round quiz, all about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and then a quickfire solo buzzer round for the real die-hard fans.

The buzzer round, was tense. At the end. We had a few blank faces in the early rounds, with the exasperated teams sitting nearby itching to answer the questions.

And for the actual quiz we really found out who knows what. A couple of straightforward rounds, then a quotes round and a hard round just to separate all the gangs. And in the end, it was the 'Full on Rapists' who finished top, with an impressive score from the night!

Outside of all the trivia we had some excellent food provided by the Lady Fillers and drinks/cocktails from the Biscuit Factory team!

The rendition of Dayman at the end was possibly the coolest thing ever, and second behind that was the Wade Boggs team trying to beat the record (and almost starting Chardee MacDennis with some glass smashing)

Below we have the winners, with their Jersey Shore survival kit in hand, and the Wade Boggs team, along with some general photos of the night and the solo quickfire winner basking in his own TV knowledge and round of free, lethally alcoholic cocktails. We'll be updating the next MTQ soon, so get ready to pick the next theme.

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