Winners Gallery- March

A better man would have been able to sort these into days of the week but that's just not who I am.

The top teams from March!

The Outhouse: Sunday 4-6

The Black Bull: Thursday 7-9 (we take no responsibility for forcibly downing your bar tab...)

The Wee Pub: Thursday 9-11 (with an amazing tie break, backwards left handed paper plane contest, for 1st)

The Compass: Wednesday 8-10 (as a collective quiz hosting team it's the first time any of our parents have won a quiz. Well done Kirsty's parents!)

The Hanover Tap: Tuesday 7:30-9:30. Tap teams.

Akva: Tuesday 8:30-10:30

The Melville: Wednesday 8-10

The City Cafe: Monday 8-10

Amber Rose: Monday 7:30-9:30

And there we go! Think you can topple them? Fancy a crack at winning a bar tab? Come along and get involved! Free entry at all the quizzes; and they're pretty fun to boot. Make Edinburgh weeknights great again...

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