Mega Themed Quiz: Archer Edition

I swear to god I had something for this... Our first ever Themed Quiz Night went down last Friday (31st March) and we think it went pretty well indeed! 15 teams of Archer fans, varying from relative newcomers to the die-hard Sterling heads flocked to McSorley's Bar for a night of obscure TV based trivia. Tactlenecks, Archer themed festive jumpers and some pencil thin Ray style moustaches all on show as the teams competed for the various prizes; the usual bar tabs for the top 2 teams and lots of themed spot prizes given away for the interactive rounds, such as Bear Claws from Deadly Donuts and some imported bottles of Glengoolie Blue.

From the cold hard light of the Monday morning after all we can say is a massive thank you to everyone that attended the event, helped on the night or just spread the word of the event itself. Sailing into new territory is nervous work but as soon as the night came to a close we were planning what other themed events could be put on in the future. Watch this space for another 4 topics to choose from...

Some action shots from the evenings proceedings! The interactive rounds getting the teams up and active.

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