The Stages of a Pub Quiz

January 19, 2017

... As told by the US Office



When you make plans to go and need to get hyped up. You are going to win this!


When you really get settled in and ready

When the whole team turns up and the sheets are handed out


When you get a question correct



When Scott cracks open his tin of dad jokes

 When you get lumped with taking up the answer sheets


But you lock eyes with another team



When your team receive a team name prize


Or when you have a 10/10 name and still don't get a prize

When your team-mate comes up with the right answer. Suddenly it makes sense.


When something you know actually pops up

When you spot a mobile phone on another teams table

 When a team-mate goes out on a limb and get it wrong




When you are 100% sure that you have the correct answer but you actually blow the question


When Goose starts spinning his school disco tunes