Meet the Hosts: Jamie Summers

The Host

Name Jamie Summers

Age 20

From Edinburgh

Nicknames Too many to list

The Job

When did you start? October 2015

What is your favourite aspect of the job? Giving people cheap laughs by making a fool of myself over a mic for 2 hrs

Favourite question? Pretty much most music questions

Best moment? Trying to pronounce benzoylmethylecgonine over the mic

Getting Personal​

Favourite band? Tame Impala

Favourite film? Big Trouble in Little China OR Von Ryan’s Express

What sportsball do you enjoy? Rugby and Football

Other jobs? Student and waiter

Favourite place to be? Canada

Favourite book? The Great Gatsby

Favourite TV show? Walking Dead

Favourite TV/Movie quote? Whats in the boooooooooooox ? (Se7en)

Favourite food? Any seafood

Would you rather fight a horse-sized-duck or 100 duck-sized-horses? 2nd one

Hidden talents? Can play guitar to grade 7

Most famous person you’ve met? Dan Carter

Favourite video game? FIFA

Favourite sport team? Spurs

Drink of choice? A bloody cold lager

Best gig? Noel Gallagher at Bellahouston park OR Foals at O2 Academy

Right or left handed? Right

Favourite team name? Cilla Black Zombie Attack!

Favourite word? Hapaxlegonamanon (a term of which only one instance of use is recorded.)

Favourite place in Edinburgh? George square during the festival

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