Meet the Hosts: Louis Moorehead

The Host

Name: Louis Moorehead Age: 24 From: Dumfries

Motto? You can't change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.

Embarrassing fact? It's not embarrassing anymore, but I've had 24 years of people mispronouncing my name. Although, I won an art contest in primary 7 as the judges must have assumed I was female. So swings and roundabouts. What three traits define you? Relaxed. Friendly. Thoughtful. Attentive.

The Job

Role? I host, write quizzes, and generally manage all things text based; so the website, Facebook, blog, Twitter... This guy. When did you start? In around August 2014… my first full quiz was in November of that year.

What is your favourite aspect of the job? Playing music to people is fun. I’m usually the loser at parties who tries to take over the music, so to get full control is great! And getting the occasional round of applause for working is a nice touch. Not many jobs get that.

Best moment? Seeing teams return on a weekly basis makes me happy. I feel guilty about how atrocious I am with individual members names though, sorry everyone.

Getting Personal Favourite bands? The National. Run the Jewels. Rancid. David Bowie. LCD Soundsystem. Favourite films? Fantastic Mr Fox. 22 Jump Street. Lord of the Rings. What sportsball do you enjoy? Cycling is the main one. I sport a good cycling tan during the summer months. Plus the occasional game of football. I do enjoy the gym too. Other jobs? None! Quiz life 24/7 Favourite place to be? Outside What is one thing you cannot resist? Pizza. Or coffee. Or donuts. One thing you could not live without? Probably food. I can barely manage without a steady 5 meals a day. What superpower would you have? Mind control. Favourite books? Catch 22. Lanark. Slaughterhouse 5. The Rider. Most overused phrase? I am pretty conscious about how often I say 'guys' when addressing a group of people at a quiz. Open to suggestions for a new phrase to use. Favourite TV shows? Bojack Horseman. Arrested Development. Flight of the Conchords. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The Simpsons. Favourite TV/Movie quote? 'Everything's coming up Millhouse'. Favourite food? Even a bad pizza is better than most other foods. Similarly, donuts. Would you rather fight a horse-sized-duck or 100 duck-sized-horses? 100 duck sized horses. Most Famous Person You’ve Met? I really fall down in this department... I met Paul Gascoigne when I was a toddler. What would your last meal be? A box of Krave? I used to receive a box every year for Christmas and eat it all within 10 minutes. Favourite video game? Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Red Dead Redemption. The Witcher. Dragon Age. Football Manager. I have spent years of my life on Football Manager (no regrets) Favourite sport team? Arsenal. What YouTube video always, ALWAYS, makes you laugh? Ryan Gosling cracking up on SNL is great. So infectious. Link provided. Drink of choice? Beer. The fancy stuff. Favourite superhero? Thor. Anyone but Superman really. Can you speak any other languages? No. For someone who gets paid to talk, sometimes I even struggle with English. Karaoke song of choice after 2 pints? Nope. Not happening. Best gig? Bon Iver at Usher Hall, pretty special. Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or sticky for the rest of your life? Itchy. Right or left handed? Right. Favourite board game? Risk. Never won a game, but still. Risk. Favourite word? Magma. Pizza topping? At present it's loads of veg and feta cheese. Not a fan of the grease-trap that is pepperoni; come at me.

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