Meet The Hosts: Scott Brayford

The Host

Name: Scott Brayford

Age: 26

From: Port Macquarie, Australia.

Tell us something that might surprise others? I’m actually a Pisces. I don’t have a pet kangaroo at home (yet), I’m not a good surfer (yet) and I used to get paid to touch people for a living (remedial massage therapist)

What three traits define you?

1. Bad jokes

2. Puns

3. A constant want to make others happy and feel welcome (this and the first two don't usually go hand in hand)

Other jobs? I also work in a bar.

The Job

What is your favourite aspect of the job? I love the interaction I have with people; seeing them have fun and laughing even if they don’t win a prize its very rewarding to see them go home with a smile on their face. Also I get to feel like an interrogator.

When did you start? I was always a curious kid, asking parents “but why?” after every explanation (THAT kid..) so I guess it was only a matter of time before I expanded into professionally questioning people. But i guess you could say… November 2015

Favourite question? I love the question- 'how many miles in total are mentioned in the Proclaimers song?' Everyone knows the song, heard it a bajillion times… but its not really something you think about. There are a very wide range of answers that come in. Also when the song starts playing there's a mix of “not this song again” and “THIS IS SUCH A TUNE” expressions.

Getting Personal

What sportsball do you enjoy? I used to play futsal and soccer (in australia if you say football.. “oh rugby union?” “No” “Rugby League?” “No” “Aussie Rules?” “No” “Soccer????” …. “yes..”)

Favourite band? I've got such a range of music, I think anyone thats heard my quiz playlist would tell you that.. I’ve got a big soft spot for AC/DC and Billy Joel, and lately Slash and Myles Kennedy are working some magic.

Favourite film? Toy Story will always make me giggle like the 6 year old I was when I first saw it.

What is one thing you cannot resist? I threw my addiction to custard creams a few years back. I'm a big sucker for pineapple.. and always have to hold myself back from bursting out singing when walking down the street.. Many of my quiz regulars would have seen me singing into a turned off microphone at least twice.. per round..

One thing you could not live without? Iv'e got probably the best friends and family in the world, even though most of them are in another hemisphere. Music. Beach (having major withdrawals guys, please send me to do a quiz in Croatia or somewhere…)

What superpower would you have? Besides being able to grow hair above my eyebrows...

Tell us something that might surprise others? I’m actually a Pisces. I don’t have a pet kangaroo at home (yet), I’m not a good surfer (yet) and I used to get paid to touch people for a living (remedial massage therapist)

Favourite book? Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, hands down. This book is genius, One of the few books that has actually made me laugh out loud.

Most overused phrase? 'Estoy Mas borracho que una uva' or (Something) is more/less (something) than a $2 ….(lady of the night) Example… I’m busier than a $2 hooker..

Favourite TV show? Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, Flight of the Conchords, Bobs Burgers, Community. The list goes on. Currently making my way through Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Favourite TV/Movie quote? Anything from the abovementioned list. Also a particular line from “FaceOff” always gets me.

Favourite food? So I have this theory that food tastes better in smaller parts. For example.. an apple is alright as an apple, better in slices, and amazing as apple sauce. Same with carrots (to a degree). Maybe Im just jaw-lazy. I love pineapple. And you can’t beat a good burger

Would you rather fight a horse-sized-duck or 100 duck-sized-horses? I feel like there’s no winning in either situation… I’d probably go the Horse sized duck. Wait are the 100 freakishly small horses coming one by one or all together? What kind of duck? What sized horse sized duck?

Hidden talents? Plugging the USB in only two attempts.

Motto? Don’t eat cheese before noon. If it was easy everyone would do it.

Nicknames? Baldilocks, Scobra

Most famous person you’ve met? I’ve worked with a few professional Rugby league players back home. Apart from that… I saw a guy who looked just like a really tan Joseph Gordon-Levitt when I was in Morocco.

What would your last meal be? Buffet. Or popcorn kernels.. make the cremation more interesting...

Favourite video game? Torn between Mario Kart, Banjo Kazooie, Super Smash Brothers. Also how good is Pac-Man.

Favourite sport team? Frolunda Indians! Swedish ice hockey team, saw them play two years ago and I think I follow them on facebook.

What YouTube video always, ALWAYS, makes you laugh? A monologue for three- Britanick, is quite clever. I always watch fail/win compilations if I can’t sleep.

Drink of choice? Thickshakes! not as common over here as I’d like.. or Juice! And beer, though Im no beer snob. My friends hate getting drinks at the bar for me because they feel sometimes like they’re ordering for a girl.. i like sweet stuff

What achievement are you most proud of? Quite proud that I have made quite a tidy life for myself on this side of the world, I had a small business in Australia, and I also earnt a blackbelt or two in martial arts.

Can you speak any other languages? I am learning Spanish whether I want to or not (i want to, I just have a tonne of Spanish friends and flatmates so.. )

Karaoke song of choice after 2 pints? Ohhh tough one.. none of the typical ones (livin on a prayer etc), Sucker for love songs. Maybe Celine Dion-

Karaoke song of choice after 10 pints? Sandstorm- DaRude

Best gig? Went to a pretty sweet carpark gig back home. Hadn't heard of the guy playing but he was good! Haven't been to as many live music thingys as I care to admit.

Would you rather be itchy for the rest of your life or sticky for the rest of your life? I think sticky.. but like.. so sticky that i can Spiderman up walls and stuff..

Right or left handed? Right handed but apparently I do things with my left that normal rightys wouldnt

Favourite board game? Catan is too much fun! me and my flatmates actually have a tournament going… a Catanament

Embarrassing fact? After years of skating.. only ever landed one kickflip..

Pizza topping? How can people not like pineapple on their pizza..

Pet peeve? Twisted seatbelts

Favourite place in Edinburgh? The meadows on a sunny day with a bunch of friends, or there's a nice little section on the water of Leith which i quite like.

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