Three Men in a Quiz: Weekly Highlights

The best and brightest from this weeks quizzes!

Let's jump on the bandwagon! We know at least 3 hosts with varying levels of Pokemon Go abilities... And let's just stay the top dog spends at least 2 hours a week at a PokeStop. Credit to the teams at Lebowskis for drawing up some Pokemon as well. Art.

We have Snapchat! Officially. If you know how Snapchat works then feel free to add us; we can guarantee puns and some semi-informative quiz related details. Curated by the one and only Quiz-Master Scott

'Hey, Goose, you big stud!

Goose: That's me, honey.'- An actual Top Gun quote.

We love donuts. The best donuts can be found at Deadly Donuts, and we whole-heartedly recommend everyone goes to check them out. This week Goose took a few trays down to the No.8 quiz (Tuesday 7pm) and look at them flying off to the teams. 100% filmed in real time. Who wants donuts now? This guy *puts two thumbs up*.

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