The Call of the Quiz: Weekly Highlights

The smarty-pants of the Last Week...

Some football fans from the Link quiz, with two reasons to celebrate after winning the quiz and France making the final (let's not say much else beyond that...).

Then the Amber Rose winners, with the interesting half time interruption (read that later), who stole top spot after one of the tensest tie-breaks you are likely to see.

And finally the Granary Leith winners. Who... won by about 25 points. 5 physios and one genius taking home the bar tab.

The Great Power Cut of 2016

Where were you when the power went? Half of Edinburgh plunged into darkness on Monday night, including 2 of our quizzes... with the City Cafe quiz and the Amber Rose quiz suspended briefly thanks to no power. Great stuff, especially just as the music round was about to kick off. Thankfully Goose sang every question for the round, a spectacle for all involved! Here we have an exclusive photo from the black out...

New Quiz Launch

We've done the biggest pub quiz in Scotland; no we're moving on to the smallest. Thursdays at 9pm, get cosy in the Wee Pub and get involved with a brilliant free quiz!

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