The Quiz of Wrath: Weekly Quiz Highlights


Check out some of the winning teams from this weeks quizzes! And by some, we mean two. Two winning (and very dashing) teams to behold!

The Church Hill Theatre monthly quiz arrived this week, with an American theme to coincide with our favourite film, Independence Day. The quiz was as high quality as usual, but this snap from Jess after trying Twinkies for the first time sums up her tasting experience...

Keep this under your lid, but we may or may not have a Snapchat account now. Still in the beta phase, add us goosesquizzes for some woefully admirable puns and maybe some extra content too (no nudes on our part, just a disclaimer now)

Flip yeah, 'Murica! All week we have been running a special America round in honour of their independence. Here's a relevant gif of celebrations. Thank you, and good night!

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