Quiz of Darkness: Weekly Quiz Highlights

Winners Gallery

Straight away, two top teams from two top quizzes!

We have the winning duo from the Pivo Quiz. Well actually... We have the team that finished second because the second place prize, which this week was a set of bangles and stickers so they could personalise them, is so much better. Look how happy they are!

And we have a familiar bunch taking home the top prize from the Jeremiah's Taproom quiz, beating an amalgamated Dutch team to the title by 1 point. Close.

Live Quiz

We launched something special on Friday; our first ever live streamed quiz! Kicking off at 6pm, we ran an hour of questions and picture rounds, and the review you'll see at the bottom summed up the Friday evening vibes we were aiming for!

And we even had quizzers taking part from abroad; so, uh, we're now Goose's Quizzes International, yeah? Uh huh!

Watch this space to find out about bigger and better live online events soon!

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