The Quiz Also Rises: Weekly Quiz Highlights

Picasso. Van Gogh. Dali. Monet. Teams who attend our quizzes... All brilliant artists. And we have two examples of talented teams this week; first up it's a #JustCanadaProblems issue surrounding Geese and Moose.

Then it's 'Pug Quiz', a regular team from the Bonnington Quiz who provide some lovely artistic skills on a weekly basis! Admire them all!

Leaving it till the end tonight, it's some of our winning teams!

First up it's the top team from Jeremiah's Taproom (just missing two team mates who were AWOL at this time), 'What Do You Mean There's No Tequila Tuesday'. Team name theme was 'The Worst Thing to Say at a Job Interview'... Want some highlights? Enjoy:

  • I Beat Off 20 Guys to Get this Interview

  • I Killed a Snake with a Shovel

  • Describe Myself in 3 Words? Quick Learner, Ambitious, Hard Working... Attentive

Then it's the winning team from the Footlights quiz, the young team taking home the top prize. And finally, the handsome bunch who finished first at the Mothers Bar Quiz.

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