David Quizerfield: Quiz Highlights

St. Columba's Giant Pub Quiz

Last Thursday night, we were delighted to help St. Columba's Hospice run a gigantic quiz night to help raise funds. The Hospice is an Edinburgh institution and has helped countless people over the year, so it was an honour to get involved and make their trivia night as successful as possible.

And boy, it went well. The event was a sell-out, with 60 teams taking part in a mixture of rounds to determine who would take home the massive £600 prize! We're still waiting on an exact figure of money raised on the night, but with a quiz, a tombola and chances to donate throughout the night we have no doubt it'll go down as a successful night!

On a side note, we reckon it's one of the biggest quiz nights organised in Scotland; so expect that to be dropped into conversations a lot more in the future.

(Enjoy a hand-written score sheet after we paniced and couldn't find any spares. Literally one of a kind, a momento for a lucky team).

4 in a Row!

This Bunch. It's no mean feat to win a quiz twice in a row, let alone three times. But this bunch at the Amber Rose have won it the last four weeks on the bounce! So to save spamming everyone, we no only take a winning photo from any new members in the team... so that explains the police line-up of quiz intellectuals bellow. Admire them. Then come to the quiz at the Amber Rose and try to topple 'em.

Mondays at 7:30pm.

Winners Gallery

From Sunday and Monday nights quizzes. Funny story, the winning team from Jeremiah's Taproom are cursed and seemed to break a phone twice in an effort to take that photo. Which explains the blurry mess; but they are a nice cursed bunch.

New Quiz Launch

On Sunday night we launched the Cafe Voltaire Quiz, with mother-flippin' free pizza to boot. Quiz Master Goose hosted the debut, with Jamie finishing off his exams for the year. But you can expect to see him back and raring to go from this coming Sunday!

It was a good quiz night. 6 teams, obviously going for charms of an early quiz then an early bedtime (as we promote healthy sleeping schedules here at Goose's Quizzes).

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