The Picture of Dorian Quiz: Highlights of the Previous Week

This week we have been flooded with winners photos! So we thought it'd be swell to make a nice little gallery highlighting the brainy teams who have taken home the top prizes in some of our quizzes! Behold!

This Thursday night we have the biggest pub quiz in Scotland taking place, the St. Columba's Giant Pub Quiz! Two words to bring a smile to anybody's face involved with an event this big; SOLD OUT. That's right, the event has hit capacity at 60 teams so it's promising to be a massive night for everyone involved and a great way to raise money for such a brilliant local cause. Check back in at the weekend to find out how much was raised and just how stressed out we all became on the night. In a good way...

This past week also witnessed Star Wars Day, May the 4th, in all its glory. And to make things better, Quiz Master Goose stumbled across this gem when obviously doing some serious quiz related research... So save it and impress your friends with it in about 12 months time.

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