198Quiz: A fortnight of Quiz Highlights

We recently launched a new venture for Goose's Quizzes; a monthly quiz at the Church Hill Theatre in Morningside. With relaxed drinks before hand, and live music after (not provided by us, you'll be thankful to know), the night was a fantastic hit! Quiz Maestros Scott and Jess hosted the event, with 15 teams taking part. Look at that photo, some serious chin scratching taking place, which means a job well done for our quiz writing team.

Check our Facebook page to find out when the next monthly event will be. Probably next month. Uh-huh.

So long and thanks for all the Pete. Goose's Quizzes said goodbye to Quiz-Master Pete, Pete Eakin, who left the quiz life for a grown up 9-5 serious job and this has left us sad. Pete joined us almost 12 months ago, and has had full time weekly occupation at Footlights Bar, the Melville and the Bonnington. On behalf of all of us, and everyone who has ever attended one of his quizzes, we wish Pete all the best going forward!

Some notable winners from the previous weeks, from 3 of our favourite bars; Mothers Gin Bar, The Hermitage, and Jeremiah s Taproom. We've been running the 5-word-horror-story team name theme over the last week, with some excellent examples; some that we can't repeat, some that our fantastically amusing, and some that are actually disturbing. You want a list? You can't handle a list! But here's a list anyway.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday

  • Buying a salad at McDonald's

  • Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

  • I Came in your Drink

  • Dolls are Watching us Sleep

  • Woke up with no Teeth

  • Gypsies are Eating our Pets

  • And many more...

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