Moby-Quiz: The Weeks Quiz Highlights

That, our friends, is how you reserve a space for the Quiz-master! Kudos to the artsy team at City Cafe Edinburgh who knocked up this wicked design; the bar has been set pretty high, so bring your A-game other pubs. Yeah, we're looking at you...

Some say Sunday night is the highlight of not just the quiz week, but the week in general... and after this weeks quiz at Jeremiah's Taproom we'd be hard pressed to argue that! What a night. Packed to the rafters with 19 teams taking part, this happy bunch took home the top prize, pipping second place by a single point.

'Talentless Pr**ks Made Famous by a Sex Tape, a Murder and a Sex Change' in first, with second place going to 'Bear Grylls Survives... The Breakfast Buffet'. The team name theme was 'Honest TV Show Descriptions'. A lot of Game of Thrones references!

This is a famous persons forehead. If you can guess the forehead first, then you win! Sometimes a prize, sometimes just the pride of winning! But it is always fun. This week was a tricky one, shying away from the normal world of acting and into sports. Quite a few entrants got the gender confused, which makes us proud of the forehead choice.

  • Male

  • Sportsman

  • European

  • Under 30

  • (Mainly) Individual Sport

Got it yet? Yes it was Novak Djokovic! The old rival of our Andy... Mark Hare guessed it first, well done sir!

There was no prize this week, instead a push by us. The Scotland Business Awards have rolled round again, and we have made the Edinburgh short-list. Putting on our best Oscar faces, it's just nice to get nominated... But if you could spare two seconds to vote for us THAT WOULD BE MARVELLOUS! LINK!

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