Adventures of Huckleberry Quiz: Highlights of the Week!

What a week that was.

The Sunday highlight was the Jeremiah's Taproom quiz (the handsome bunch on the right taking home the top prize). With it being Easter and all, it HAD to be an Easter themed team name contest... and the prize went to 'Eggy McEggface'. Which. Is. Great. Combining the Holy weekend and Great Britain's obvious love of boats.

On Tuesday one of our quiz hosts (a certain Pete Eakin) revealed to the world that he had adopted a cat. Not just any cat though, a cat called Mr. Sweep. And so naturally we set about using all of our quiz resources to ask teams to provide a new name for the small furry fellow on the left. The best results from Lebowskis Bar included 'Chairman Meow', 'Cat Damon' and 'Quat'. We will give you up to the date bulletins on any future name change he chooses.

Wednesday was a special one at the Granary Quiz... An intimate affair, which saw the winning team share their top prize among the other contestants. There are some really good people out there. Don't you forget that when life gets you down.

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