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As well as including a custom Scavenger Hunt round in our Online Quizzes, we can also host Scavenger Hunt-only sessions, with 5 different games in 2 hours.

Multiple pieces of clip art showing the stages of booking the quiz.





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After receiving your enquiry, we will listen to your requests and tailor the best games for your needs.

Upon confirmation, we will send you the details (Zoom link, date and time, etc.) for you to distribute to your attendees.

We will issue an invoice to you for the Scavenger Hunt. Please kindly ensure the invoice is paid before the event.

On the day of the event, simply login to the web conference, follow the host's instructions and play! 

A selection of clip art representing various Scavenger Hunt Games; A jumping person with arms full of shopping bags, An astronaut amongst the stars, A microscope, A sun and rainbow.

Some examples of our Scavenger Hunt games:

Go Fetch

Fancy Dress

SuperSize Me


Fetch the item the Host asked for as quick as you can!

The Host will name a costume, and you have to put that together as a team with items from your houses!

The Host will show a close-up image of an item. Guess what it is and find that item!

The Host will name a colour, find (and wear) as many items of clothing in that colour as you can!

There are more!

Let us know your group's interests and we will tailor something for you. 

See a Go Fetch round in action in the video below:


Scavenger Hunt Rates no text.png

Scavenger Hunt Rate

Peak Day Surcharge

The Scavenger Hunt Rate is based on number of attendees

≤15 PAX: £75

16-30 PAX: £100

For larger groups, please inquire.

While Scavenger Hunts are better suited to smaller groups, we can customise the rounds based on your needs.

For games held on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there is a £15 surcharge.


If you want to book an event, or have any questions, get in touch using the form below.

Alternatively you can fill out the form by following this link.

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