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There are 3 types of homework: oral, written and practical.

Conditions for the effectiveness of writing an essay: a number of aspects ensure that the use of the method is really effective and developing for students and their ability to independently write an essay. There are different methods for teaching both schoolchildren and students to write an essay, and teaching that there are cases that sometimes need ask for help from outside, for example the company (Bid for writing). The role of the teacher: when applying the method, the teacher has 3 tasks in the first place. Setting the task itself, preparing students to solve the problem in the classroom, improving and evaluating the completed tasks assigned to you. His judgment is contradictory: in his assessment of homework as an educational method, two aspects collide. From a social perspective, giving children homework only increases the differences in student achievement caused by sociocultural differences, since a student from a family with a higher socioeconomic status benefits much more from solving homework than a student from a low-status family. No matter what status if a student can turn to the author of an essay ( who will make an essay to any person, the main thing is to contact them. The psychological position, on the contrary, says that the more homework children are given homework, the more their academic performance increases when they have to do writing essay. Writing an essay is not an easy task, it is not given to every person who wants to try their luck in it. Only I can write correct my essay and the author of the essay can be found on the Internet. The statement is based on the fact that countries where children receive a lot of home assignments at school, demonstrate higher school performance. The explanation of the phenomenon is described by a very simple formula. The more homework the student gets

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