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Our team have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure you don’t have to go without your weekly pub quiz. We plan to do an online quiz every evening for the foreseeable future.

We've long been known for providing consistently excellent

in-person quizzes, and now we've taken our skills online and into your homes.

Whether you're a company looking to keep your employees in touch or a family or group of friends looking for a unique way of spending time together, our quizzes will provide the easy-to-use platform, accessible questions and engaging host to help you feel connected even while you're apart.

And what sets us apart from other companies is the ability to rapidly and accurately mark written responses (and a whole manner of spellings!) from proper pub-quiz-style questions. No multiple choice quizzing here!

How does it work?

We provide quizzes through a range of platforms, such as Skype, WebEx and Microsoft Teams, though we find the best platform for recreating the team-based atmosphere of a pub quiz is ZOOM

It's easily accessed via web browser or a straightforward download, and it allows us to assign your group into teams to talk and discuss questions privately, all without leaving Zoom. For more info, please download our info sheet.

And the quiz itself?

Our standard is a 2 hour, 40 question quiz spread over 4 Trivial Pursuit-style categories, chosen by the participants themselves, though we are highly flexible with times and rounds.

Our premium offering allows a more tailored experience with the addition of music, lateral thinking, picture rounds, and
scavenger hunts, depending on your group and interests.

You'll submit and we'll mark your answers in real-time through Google Forms, going through answers and providing scores as we go along. Just like a normal pub quiz!

And the price?

Standard Quiz

2 hours, 40 questions in 4 distinct rounds.

£60+VAT*- up to 15 participants
£75+VAT*- up to 30

£100+VAT*- up to 60 participants

£150+VAT*- up to 100 participants

*There is  a surcharge of £15 for quizzes booked on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

We also offer a discount if you'd like to book multiple quizzes, or pair your quiz up with one of our scavenger hunts.


Premium Quiz

If you're looking for a more tailored quiz experience, or for groups of over 100 participants, please let us know in a message below and we'll work with you to create the ideal pub quiz for you and your company/family/group of friends.

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Our events team is currently working reduced hours, but we will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

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