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Neighbourgood Wednesdays are League Nights, your team builds points each week you enter using your unique team code. How do you get a Unique code? You go to the registration form
Best to make your most organised person in the team do it, they will get the emails saying how you are doing each week. 

You want to win big? Make sure you are there every week! 

Points mean prizes and here at the Neighbourgood Wednesday League Quiz the prizes are…
Three factors affect the amount of points you can get each week you play:



Where you place in the quiz: The higher you come the more points you get

How many teams are playing each quiz: The more teams that play, the more points will be awarded. It’s harder to place higher in a big quiz! 

How far through The League we are: There is a multiplying factor added to points awarded as The League moves on. This is so teams registering for
The League in the later weeks still have a fair chance of doing well by the end
(Don’t worry, this won’t be an all or nothing on the final week it will be fair)




You can find The League table

You can search for your team name at the top and find how you are doing compared to everyone else registered. 

Your team leader (the one who gave their email address) will also get weekly updates about how the team is doing with some other fun stats too. 


They can share that around with everyone in the team, likely in the WhatsApp group they are the admin of, because no doubt they set up the group, it’s probably called something like “Wednesday Night Quiz”... or if you are really having fun “Quizzy Rascals”. 

We will be announcing prizes each week that will be added to the The League Winners Hamper. 

There will be the usual prizes every Wednesday night for teams that do well, but The League has its own set of prizes, which are Bigger, Better and just all round more 



Stay tuned to find out what they are. 

Register your team at this

Use the code you are sent each week while playing the Wednesday quiz

Get emails about how your team are doing and check the leaderboard
Come every Wednesday and Win The League to receive big prizes

(not a guarantee)


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