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Quizzes Friday

7pm BST

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We like running quizzes, and we understand not everyone will be back to taking part in venues quite yet. We’ll be hosting quizzes online via Twitch every Friday at 7pm and we are working on hybrid in-venue/online quizzes for you to take part in so keep on the lookout. 

Want to take part? Get your answer sheet loaded up, think of a good team name, and away you go! You’ll have until 5pm Monday to submit your sheets before we mark them all and post the answers and scores online.

Things from Previous Nights

 After running 400 odd quizzes online we’ve been fortunate enough to develop a wonderful little community, and as we get back to hosting real life quizzes in the evening we’re expanding our Twitch offerings and trying a few different things.


We’re talking video games, interactive puzzles, some table top fun; basically everything on Twitch that ISN’T a quiz night. Check our weekly schedule to see what’s coming up.

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