August 25, 2016

The Host

Name: Louis Moorehead
Age: 24
From: Dumfries

Motto? You can't change the wind, but you can adjust the sails.

Embarrassing fact? It's not embarrassing anymore, but I've had 24 years of people mispronouncing my name. Although, I won an art contest in primary 7 as t...

August 19, 2016

The Host  

Name: Andrew “Goose” Wildgoose

Age: 29 (04/08/87)

From: Edinburgh    

What three traits define you? Confident, Shorts, Large

Motto? Gimmicks are temporary, Quality lasts!

Nicknames? Goose, Goosey, Goosedizzle, Goosetopher, Gooseman


August 5, 2016

The Host

Name: Scott Brayford

Age: 26

From: Port Macquarie, Australia.

Tell us something that might surprise others? I’m actually a Pisces. I don’t have a pet kangaroo at home (yet), I’m not a good surfer (yet) and I used to get paid to touch people for a living (remedial...

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